Yahoo reset password | I forgot my secret questions


I Forgot my yahoo password & secret question? 
Here on my post am going to show you how you can yahoo reset password,Without reset yahoo mail password, you will be denied access to your account, all your important documents will get lost and you will have to start all over again to save and get back the contacts on your list. Firstly let’s take a look on the major cause of this problem

Yahoomail is a mailing service which is been used by millions of clients all over the world, every minutes of the day hundreds of users access their account in their different location. Most people who visit yahoo are not they for the purpose of serf service but to look for an account at to hack in to and again access to all the documents on the account. So yahoo been a very sensible machine dictates most of the attempts done by those group of human, and automatically pop up a window instructing the person in question to put his secret question is other to continue with the login purpose. If the user makes a mistake in answering the secret questions then yahoo will lock the account for an interval of 24 hours.
Another thing that may result to an account been locked is, when you type your yahoo pass world in the incorrect manner, or you log in from a different IP address ( a computer that is not the one you usually use for your login). Yahoo marks either incorrect password or use of different IP address and an attempt to hack the site by an unauthorized user.
Here are the simple steps to follow in other to reset your yahoo password with email or yahoo password reset phone number.
Open your account on,
Type in your username and password
Navigate to The account information buttton at the brim of the yahoo page
Click on the account information button and a page like this will appear..................
Yahoo password reset | I forgot my secret questions
Please zoom the image if you can’t see the words  on it clearly

Click on update password reset button under the sign-in security sub head.
An image like the one below will appear.....................
Yahoo password reset | I forgot my secret questions

Then just update your all the necessary information you fill you left blank.

Never forget to add your mobile number and alternate email address.  Because that is the major determinate of you continues access to your account if you lose your password again. Yahoo makes use of your phone number and alternate email address to send you a confirmation link to reset your old password. Putting the both make your account more secure and toll free. Lick done to save your settings, and that will be the end.

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