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Saraki And Ekweremadu In Fresh Trouble As AGF Declares Senate Election Null And Void

Saraki And Ekweremadu In Fresh Trouble As AGF Declares Senate Election Null And Void -  The embattled President of the Nigerian Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, seem to be moving from frying pan to fire as the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami, has declared the election that produced the due was a nullity and couldn’t stand the test of legality.

He has therefore advised the Director of Public Prosecution to take an immediate step to proceed against the Saraki and other members of the Senate leadership.

In a legal opinion written by the office of the AGF, Malami wrote that since the election was conducted with an alleged forged document, it is just natural to conclude that election in itself is a nullity from the beginning. In the legal advice issued by the Federal Ministry of Justice with reference number, DPPA/ADV/258/15, recommending that some suspects, whom the police refused to name in their investigative report, should be prosecuted.

The legal opinion, which analysed the evidence thrown up by the police investigation, had indicated that the “leadership election, based on the forged document, cannot stand and it is null and void”.
The legal advice added, “Further investigation should reveal:

“Who authorised the promulgation of the Senate Standing Order 2015?
“Who published the Senate Standing Order 2015?
“Who approved the Senate Standing Order 2015?
“Who paid for the publishing of the Senate Standing Order 2015? and

“Who distributed the Senate Standing Order 2015?”

Father Mbaka’s Latest Prophecy About President Buhari’s Administration - Read Now

The popular south eastern state reverend of the catholic family is trying to pass a messages to all Nigerians. Reverend Father Mbaka who is the brain box behind Adoration ministry Ground.

He is the Enugu state based Reverend Father who prophesied the victory of  Muhammadu Buhari before his emergent as the president of Nigeria made a prophecy sometime ago that the beginning of Buhari's administration will witness lot of hardship and sufferings.

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A prophecy that is already obvious in the eyes of every Nigerian.

Father Ejike Mbaka has reiterated on his earlier prophesy. He clearly stated that the beginning of Muhammadu Buhari’s Government will be difficult.

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And there will be suffering and crisis but the end it will be joyous and great.

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Below is what Reverend Father Mbaka Said.

“Listen fellow Nigerians, as it is right now, most of what we are suffering now and we are going to suffer were caused few years ago but the Lord asked me to encourage you. Suffering is coming but it is not suffering under damnation, there is solution, it may take some time, but at the end of it, there will be testimonies”
“As I have told you, there is going to be crisis but God will handle it. This year, God said my people will be over-comers, things will be hard but my people will be over-comers”.

#Bring Back Our Girls | Chibok Abducted Girls | Sambisa Forest

#bring back our girls is a program that began across Nigeria and the whole world, over the Chibok abducted girls who are at the Sambisa Forest The federal governments of Nigeria are in partnership with many foreign countries like China, United State of America, Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom and lots more, has been searching for the Nigerian Chibok abducted girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram group. These girls whom are known to be more than 200 in number were captured from their place of learning on the April 2014 and kept in the Sambisa Forest. Ever since then many news and stories get told by different journalist on the print media, television, radio and internet.


Mr. Labaran Maku  who the Nigerian minister of information during the world press conference today noted that :African  civilization started in Sahara Africa, i will recall in 1977 a canoe that was fund in 1997, that canoe was fund in the university of badagiri, he said the African where using iron as tools, we dint only discover only agriculture we even discovered iron,
He also noted a book to be read the audit y
He also noted that the book described Africans as superior, as African we have done our own part by discovering  fire agriculture
African have been in civilization since the start of time.
Mr. Labaran Maku also said tthat there were no university in Nigeria in 1914and that we cant keep count of secondary schools we have in Nigeria
Mr. Labaran Maku noted that we are the first country to wine the noble price through wole soyinka
he said that withing this one hundred years that we have helped other country to rise
eg Zimbabwe Ghana, south Africa, Liberia.
he noted that as Nigerian we must be proud of our country
cause  Nigeria is a beautiful country, and also that Nigeria is a country where where anyone can can adapt to in the climate
and that that civilization come and move forward from country to country


1. a country is about his people and the economy

the Nigerian economy have have the largest economy growth since the Jonathan government ( High GDP GROWTH)

Exchange rate: He noted that Nigeria is still a machinery importing country
Inflation: he said that inflation has came down to 8 percent sine the last three years
Foreign reserve
capital market

Nigeria is the highest receiver of Foreign Investment in Africa today,We have built ten power plants in 3 years,

Stock market capitalization (value of listed companies) has increase by 66.2% since May 2012 to ₦11.8 trillion,

The Capital Market has now rebounded; Stock market index has risen by 71% since May 2012
The complete reconstruction of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway has commenced,

The North will have direct access to the Sea through Warri Port, dredging work almost completed,

Standard Gauge lines are also being constructed between Lagos and Ibadan and Abuja to Kaduna,

The roads between Jebba and Ilorin and Ilorin to Kabba were also awarded

Robbers killed advertising guru, Sesan Ogunro

There are suggestions that famous trading communications guru, Mr. Sesan Ogunro, assembly organising controller, Eminent Communications and Spot-On newspapers, might have been slain by a gang of small-time robbers who were out to rob vehicles. This could contradict speculations that his killers were hired assassins. policeman causes revealed that findings from their enquiries so far disclosed that Ogunro was a casualty of a robbery gone awful.

A source who spoke to Vanguard on anonymity, said a visit to the misdeed scene, meetings from eyewitnesses and understanding accumulated so far, sharp to the detail that the robbers were immature, and could not command their disquiet.

According to the source, “we’ve been to the view and we’ve spoken to eyewitnesses. It is conspicuous that the gunmen were small-time robbers and no one would have hired such as an assassin.

Target was his Mercedes Benz SUV

“Their target was his Mercedes Benz SUV, but they sensed threatened when he chucked the key at the floor and they shot him. I see no cause why they would have done such.

“When we travelled to the scene, we retrieved the consumed cartridge that was used and we accepted that it was fired from a locally-made gun.”

Spokesperson for the Lagos State policeman Command, Ngozi Braide, a Deputy Superintendent, said the order was on the trail of the bandits.

In a statement, she said: ”About 22:42 hours on December 22, a distress call was received by the Alausa partition of the Police order. It was accumulated that four equipped men functioning in a Honda Odyssey tried to snatch a Mercedes Benz ML SUV belonging to Mr Ogunro.

“The man resisted and chucked away the key of the SUV, therefore the armed men shot him. They abandoned the Honda Odyssey and got away with a red Toyota Yaris vehicle belonging to the wife, who was standing with him at the view.

“The view was travelled to directly by the Divisional Police agent (DPO) and a team and the occurrence was verified. The DPO also travelled to the casualty at the Lagoon clinic where he was obtaining remedy, though in critical critical.”

She said no one of the relations had made statement on the occurrence.

The policeman spokesperson clarified that the Honda Odyssey was confirmed to have been snatched from somebody recognised as Ali Balogun at Ebute-Metta at 8pm.

The owner was allegedly fallen off at Jobi-Fele Way in Alausa, Ikeja, from where she was taken to the station.

Braide said the policeman had started investigation into the occurrence and the seek for the escaping hoodlums.

Vanguard further gathered that Ogunro sighted the bandits harassing his wife and young kids in the Toyota Yaris vehicle they came in at the entrance of their place of worship, the worldwide place of worship of Christ, along Jobi-Fele Way in Alausa, where he came to a Christmas Carol service.

After the strike, the murderers were said to have hurled out Ogunro’s son and grandchildren from the back of the vehicle before racing off with it.

They were also said to have abandoned the vehicle they initially came in, which is now in the custody of the police at the Alausa policeman position.

Our source furthermore asserted that the slain Ogunro was first rushed to the Lagoon Hospital on Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, before he was conveyed in an ambulance to the hospital’s head office in Apapa for exceptional vigilance.

Ogunro shot with dane cannon

”You know because he was shot with a dane cannon, the pellets disperse all around his stomach and perforated his internal body parts.

Fashiola consoles family

meantime, administrator Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, yesterday, paid a condolence visit to the Ogunro family, recounting the late advocating guru as a man with a really edgy essence and expert of his art.

Fashola, who was at Ogunro’s Ogudu GRA house, was received by the widow, Mrs. Dupe Ogunro and the children of the deceased.

Some of the children present throughout the visit were Mrs. Damilola Gbadebo-Ogunro, Mr. Timayo Ogunro and overlook Fade Ogunro.

Fashola at the occasion added that his management and really the Nigerian nation have lost a most resourceful character who will surely be missed by all.

Said he: “On behalf of my wife, Dame Emmanuella, the Government and persons of Lagos State, delight accept my condolences and be guaranteed that we are in prayers with you and constituents of your family for the peaceful repose of the soul of your husband and for the Almighty God to grant you the fortitude to accept this loss.”

Jonathan drags Obasanjo to human rights commission

leader Jonathan Goodluck yesterday submitted himself to the National Human privileges Commission, NHRC, for search over lawless person allegations against him by previous leader Olusegun Obasanjo.Former leader Obasanjo had written an 18-page open letter to Jonathan, accusing him of incompetence, engaging in anti-party undertakings, ethnicism and teaching about 1,000 snipers ahead of the 2015 samples.

Jonathan, who rejected the accusations in his response, is expressly inviting the rights charge to disclose the reality in the allegation that his government had started training over 1,000 snipers to terminate his political adversaries.

In a letter to the charge, leader Jonathan is searching for a thorough investigation of the accusations against him, moving on supposed human privileges abuses.

The note, marked by the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr. Mohammed Adoke, SAN, on the directive of Jonathan, had currently been submitted to NHRC.

The note dated December 23, 2013 was submitted yesterday. Sources close to the Presidency told National Mirror that alike letters had been written to the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other associated infringements Commission, ICPC, and the Economic and Financial misdeeds charge, EFCC.

The two anti-graft bureaus are to probe allegations of financial misdeeds and authorized corruption against the Jonathan’s management as contained in Obasanjo’s note.

Although, nationwide Mirror could not get exact replicates of the notes, a exact replicate of Jonathan’s letter to NHRC verified yesterday that both the ICPC and the EFCC had furthermore been administered to handle allegations moving on economic misdeeds.

In the memo marked by Adoke (SAN) and addressed to the Executive Secretary of the NHRC, Prof. Bem Angwe, the AGF demanded the commission to investigate the accusations on the human privileges violations comprised on sheets 9-10 of the letter antiquated December 2 written by previous President Obasanjo to leader Jonathan.

The memo with number HAGF/NHRC2013/Vol2/5 reads in part: “Re: Before it is too late: “May I draw your vigilance to the overhead and the adhered State House memorandum antiquated December 23, 2013 in esteem of the above subject matter.

“I am to demand you to enquire the allegations bothering on the human privileges violations comprised on sheets 9-10 of the last mentioned antiquated 2nd December 2013, written by former leader Olusegun Obasanjo, to leader Goodluck Jonathan, attached to the memorandum under quotation.

“In alignment to properly delineate the issues within your sphere of competence especially as other issues increased in the letter are being enquired by befitting agencies of government, I have determined to duplicate the applicable paragraphs underneath.

According to Adoke the paragraphs to be enquired by the charge are: “Allegations of keeping over 1,000 people on political watch list rather than lawless person or security watch register and teaching snippets and other armed staff furtively and clandestinely acquiring tools for fighting to agree for purposes like Abacha and teaching them where Abacha taught his own murderers, if it is factual, it cannot augur well for the initiator, the government and people of Nigeria. “Here again, there is message of his to learn from any person who cares to learn from annals.

Mr. President would habitually recall that he was voted into office to maintain security for all Nigerians for individual or political ambition or interest of any person.

“The Yoruba rush adage says ‘the man with whose head coconut is broken may not reside to savour the taste of the succulent fruit’. Those who suggest you to go hard on those who oppose you are your poorest foes.

“Democratic politics admits and is permissible of supporters and adversaries. When the penalties arrive, those who have incorrectly suggested you will not be there to help carry the can. Egypt must educate some lessons. “Presidential aid for a murderer to evade fairness and presidential delegation to welcome him home can only be in awful taste usually but particularly to the family of the casualty.

“Assisting lawless persons to avoid fairness will not be part of the job of the presidency. Or, as it is viewed in some quarters, is he being employed to do for you what he had finished for Abacha in the past? Hopefully, he should have discovered his lesson.

Let us continue to watch,” the memo supplemented. The Presidency had adhered two exhibits to the note including the initial note in writing by Obasanjo and the answer by President Jonathan.

Both notes were replete with accusations and counter- accusations, some of which were criminal. nationwide Mirror accumulated yesterday that the NHRC would invite the two dramatis personae in the urgent situation: previous leader Olusegun Obasanjo and leader Jonathan to expatiate on the accusations contained in the two notes.

A source at the charge, who did not desire his title cited, also said that those attached in the accusations would be invited to assist the privileges commission by supplying particulars to the accusations. The particulars, National Mirror discovered, would guide the charge to reach at a just conclusion on the sensitive issue. whereas the charge had acknowledged the note, no formal step has so far been taken on it.

Ex-Anglican Primate Peter Jasper Akinola kidnapped

Unidentified gunmen yesterday kidnapped the immediate past Primate of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Peter Jasper Akinola.

Primate Akinola and his person driving were snatched away by the gunmen in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital at about 3pm.

The Primate and his driver were last evening released from the kidnappers along Joga-Iboro Road near the border with Benin Republic, the policemanman said.

In what would have been one of the biggest situations of abduction, the 69-year-old previous fiery cleric was overpowered by the gun-totting men at the entry of the Peter Akionola base Centre for youth developed teaching at Kilometre 10 beside Obada-Oko along the Abeokuta-Lagos Expressway.

The former leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) hails from Abeokuta. He was at the centre – which he founded to take care of the underprivileged – to examine some tasks inside the office when the gunmen raged the location.

The gunmen allegedly halted the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) interior which he was and organised him and his driver out, pointing cannons at them.

They allegedly shot sporadically into the air before getting away with the cleric, his driver and his car.

The abductors had not established any communicate with the family as at last evening.

The policemanman cautioned against referring to the incident as kidnapping. But they verified that the Archbishop, who will turn 70 next month, was taken away by equipped one.

The CAN last evening accused the abduction of the primate.

CAN President Ayo Oritsejafor, talking through his exceptional Assistant on Media and Public activities, Kenny Ashaka said:

“It is totally unacceptable to us that Primate Jasper Akinola is kidnapped. This is a left man of God and we marvel what kind of cash the kidnappers desire to get from a left man of God. We accept as true that this kidnapping is for ransom.

“We plead with the kidnappers to issue him unconditionally and use the occasion of Christmas commemoration to contemplate on Christ’s eternal message of love, passion and humility. They should issue him directly.

“Instead of kidnapping men of God, the kidnappers should pray for managers, if devout or political.

“We are also calling on security agencies to quickly sway into action and help to pathway down these kidnappers. They should furthermore ensure that Primate Akinola is not harmed while releasing him.”

Last Sunday at the June 12 heritage Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta throughout the Ogun State Carol Service of Nine Lessons, Rev. Akinola read the third lesson in Yoruba.

Association Chairman Gbenga Gbesan told reporters that Rev. Akinola required not be subjected to such experience because, he habitually fought for the poor.

Gbesan said: “We appeal for the direct release of the revered Primate without any status attached to it whatsoever.

“And it was for this reason that he set up the Youth developed Training Centre to train jobless youth to acquire abilities to endow them lived a significant life.

policeman spokesman Olumuyiwa Adejobi told reporters in a telephone interview that it was early in the day to recount the occurrence as kidnapping, supplementing that security bureaus had been put on the attentive.

Adejobi said: “The fact that gunmen went away with the Bishop, his person driving and his vehicle does not connote kidnap.

“Our men at the boundary have been placed on the red attentive, he said undertaking that Rev. Akinola would be retrieved alive.”

President sells national conference

Today is Christmas. It is an event to celebrate Christ’s birth and a time for introspection – on the state of the territory.

Leaders are preaching calm in their notes.

President Goodluck Jonathan commenced a sales propel for the national seminar — its contentious tablet for Nigeria’s many ailment.

council leader David Mark and dwelling of Representatives Speaker Aminu Tambuwal urged Nigerians to embrace calm, tolerance, love and harmony.

assess furthermore called for responsible leadership.

The leader thanked God for the grace that assisted Nigeria to overcome its trials since the last Christmas.

He said: “Let us all, therefore, resolve this Christmas to make the ideals of calm, harmony, tolerance, love and generosity to all even more manifest in our interactions with others.”

Jonathan promised that his administration would do its all to encourage delegates to the nationwide seminar next year to protected the required consensus for nationwide calm and harmony.

He said: “My administration will do all inside its powers and adeptness to double-check that when representatives of our persons assemble for the forthcoming national conference next year, they will have every opportunity and encouragement to make very important contributions towards forging the needed consensus for maintained nationwide calm, unity and progress.”

The President anticipates the nationwide conference to contribute mostly in the direction of the urgent tenacity of contentious issues which hinder Nigeria’s progress.

“With God Almighty as our direct, power and Enabler, My Administration will continue to implement its Agenda for nationwide Transformation in furtherance of its avowed firm pledge to advancing the dwelling situation of all Nigerians.”

“We will continue to enumerate on the prayers, support and collaboration of all patriotic Nigerians in the approaching year as we consolidate and construct on our achievements in several parts, including national security, power provide, communications, transport, wellbeing and education.

“As we commemorate the birth of the Prince of calm, let us all strive to honour Him more by dwelling our inhabits as He taught; by making individual forfeitures for the good of other ones, by displaying greater love for other ones, by being fairer and more dependable in our dealings with other ones, by being ever-willing to forgive those who outrage us and by always expanding generosity towards other ones.

“On behalf of myself, my family and the government Government, I desire you all very joyful Christmas commemorations, and a tranquil and prosperous 2014.”

Mark, in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary Paul Mumeh in Abuja, urged Nigerians to sink their dissimilarities, irrespective of ethnic, religious or political leanings and put the peace and harmony of the territory overhead other considerations.

The leader of the Senate recalled the ethno-religious confrontations that have claimed tallies of lives and house. He pleaded with Nigerians to rethink.

assess called on the political class to lead the route of calm, regulation and order, cautioning that nationwide interest and cohesion should not be sacrificed on the altar of one-by-one or assembly aspirations.

He noted that government should usually be a game and not a assault area and recalled those fanning the embers of war or disunity not to set the dwelling ablaze before they even get there.

assess said: “We have come a long way as a persons. We should glimpse us as one persons, one territory with a common destiny.

“We will not be moving in the turn around alignment when other countries are going to the moon.

“We have habitually accepted that the trials are tremendous but we must appreciate that nobody is coming from the space to explain our troubles for us. We should thus be adept to find home grown answers to our trials in a manner that would comfort and really persuade all sections.”

To the present crop of leaders, assess told them that it is incumbent on “all of us to proceed and behave in a to blame kind that would give believe and self-assurance to the people”.

He demanded the devout to passionately pray for the nation and its leaders, supplementing that the time calls for shrewd counsel and divine intervention.

The nationwide Assembly, assess guaranteed, would habitually stand by the persons, repeating that the welfare and security of the citizens remains the cornerstone of all legislation.

Tambuwal enjoined Nigerians to continue to contemplate on the affirmative tenets that unite the nation, reinforce the polity and enhance its stability and prosperity as they commemorate Christmas.

In a generosity message to Christians by his exceptional consultant on Media and Public activities, Mallam Imam Imam, the Speaker furthermore called for sustained prayers for calm, unity and steadiness in the country.

He admonished individuals of all faith to be their brother’s keepers and shun all vices and contradictory acts that can jeopardise the efforts of government in providing democracy dividends to the citizens.

“This time span calls for sober reflection and continued prayers for our costly territory. We must replicate on the teachings and lessons of Christmas and continue to exhibit good feature as well as continue hands of fellowship and construct blocks of harmony and comprehending to all irrespective of our seen differences.

“On our part we are committed to supplying legislative assesses and interventions that will support government’s effort at guaranteeing calm, welfare and security of Nigerians and the larger development of our costly homeland in line with our legislative agenda.

“On behalf of the dwelling of Representatives, I desire all Nigerians a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Quotes by AK-47 inventor | Mikhail Kalashnikov

He will go down in history as the creator of the world's most famous rifle, the AK-47, hailed by enthusiasts for its durability and lightweight firepower. Mikhail Kalashnikov said he wishes he had paid more attention to his garden instead.

Mr Kalashnikov, said if he had his time again he would try to design something useful rather than destructive - preferably a lawnmower.

"I'm proud of my invention, but I'm sad that it is used by terrorists," he said on a visit to Germany, adding: "I would prefer to have invented a machine that people could use and that would help farmers with their work - for example a lawnmower."

The former Red Army officer was opening an AK-47 exhibition in a weapons museum in Suhl, eastern Germany. His comment, made to the German tabloid Bild, was reminiscent of Albert Einstein's remark reflecting on his role in the development of the atom bomb: "If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."

Mr Kalashnikov, a peasant's son who lives in Siberia, was quick to stress he has made not a kopek from his rifle, 100m of which have been sold since production began in 1947. "The state took everything for it," he said.

He said the Germans were indirectly responsible for the design, which was adopted by the Russian army in 1949. In 1941 a fellow soldier asked him: "Why do our soldiers have only one rifle between three men, while the Germans have automatics?" "So I invented an automatic," he said. "I'm proud of my invention, but I'm sad that it is used by terrorists ... I would prefer to have invented a machine that people could use and that would help farmers with their work — for example a lawn mower."
"Blame the Nazi Germans for making me become a gun designer ... I always wanted to construct agriculture machinery.""I created a weapon to defend the borders of my motherland. It's not my fault that it's being used where it shouldn't be. The politicians are more to blame for this."
"When a young man, I read somewhere the following: God the Almighty said, 'All that is too complex is unnecessary, and it is simple that is needed' ... So this has been my lifetime motto – I have been creating weapons to defend the borders of my fatherland, to be simple and reliable

    Medal "Hammer and Sickle" (1958,1976)
    Medal "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945"
    Medal "Twenty Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945"
    Medal "In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin"
    Jubilee Medal "Thirty Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945"
    Jubilee Medal "Forty Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945"
    Medal "For Distinction in Guarding the State Border of the USSR"
    Medal "Veteran of Labor" on behalf of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
    Jubilee Medal "30 years of the Soviet Army and Navy"
    Jubilee Medal "40 years of the Armed Forces of the USSR"
    Jubilee Medal "50 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR"
    Jubilee Medal "60 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR"
    Jubilee Medal "70 years of the Armed Forces of the USSR"
    Medal "In Commemoration of the 800th anniversary of Moscow"

Updated Nexia business solutions examination date

National youth service invitation letter
Following your response to our advert, you have been invited to an selection test as follows:
       Time :  08:00 AM
       Date :  2013-12-21
       Venue :  Univerisity Of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Department of Law, Enugu

Below are your examination details:
       Applicant ID : 
       Exam ID : 
       Exam Batch ID : 
       Names : 
       Phone : 
       Position :  Executive Officer GD SGL 7
       Centre :  Enugu
       Client :  National Youth Service Corps
You are required to bring the following with you to the examination center
  —   A printed copy of this page as the examination pass(to print click the print button below).
  —   Any means of identification(Drivers licence, National ID card, International passport,etc).
  —   One passport size photograph with your applicantID clearly written at the back and signed by you.
  —   Your writing materials .

  —   Candidates should not bring any bag into the examination premises.
  —   NBS Consulting does not require any payment of whatever form from any candidate for this test or the whole recruitment process.
  —   Candidates are responsible for their transportation and accomodation for the test.

Goodluck meets Service Chiefs over Boko Haram attacks

President Goodluck eating apple Friday control associate degree emergency meeting with Service Chiefs over the latest Boko Haram’s attacks in Bama, Borno State and alternative security problems within the country.

Before decorating the forty eight new promoted Major Generals within the Army, Navy and Air Force yesterday, he attended the meeting with the Service Chiefs and therefore the military officer of Police, Muhammed Abubakar at the Command Officers’ Mess, Asokoro Abuja.

He noted that the state was browsing making an attempt times and demanded all hands to air deck so as to make sure the protection of lives and property within the country.

The President charged the new promoted officers to travel the additional mile to justify their new positions.

He said: “It could be a terribly difficult moment. I keep in mind once I came in, I had a gathering with the Service Chiefs and military officer of Police as a result of what happened in Bama . it's a really difficult amount during this country and that we expected, as we are saying that people who a lot of is given, a lot of is predicted.”

“For those of you United Nations agency are thus adorned as full two-star Generals, we have a tendency to expect that you just can bring your expertise connected. we have a tendency to should work along as a team to form certain that the defense force square measure ready to shield lives and property of Nigerians. If we have a tendency to cannot try this, the name of the country can still go down.

“A range of problems square measure being raised within the media, there's such a lot of challenge within the Armed a Forces and alternative security agencies within the country. All people jointly should get on my feet for our own responsibilities and go the additional mile to ascertain that as a nation, we have a tendency to overcome these challenges,” he noted

“It isn't simple to wear 2 stars. it's nearly the terminal position within the defense force. the other one is by the grace of God. To be thus adorned as a two-star General, you need to have more responsible storms, endured many winters. Your spouse should have conjointly been well baked to survive this era.” He said

Borno barracks raid by gun men

Borno barracks raid by gun men on weekday, spraying shot on the troops within before torching the compound, the military and residents told fetoprotein.

The military has reportedly deployed fighter jets and army in pursuit of the gunmen, plausible to be Boko Haram members, United Nations agency have killed thousands within the region throughout a four-year revolt.

“There was associate attack on the military barracks in (the town) of Bama this morning,” aforesaid Mohammed Dole, army spokesperson in Borno State.

He declined to treat details provided by many Bama residents United Nations agency aforesaid dozens, or maybe even a whole lot, of insurgents swarmed the barracks during a convoy of 4X4 trucks, armed with assault rifles, explosives and rocket-propelled-grenades.

“It started at around 3 within the morning with vast explosions and also the cracking of shot,” aforesaid Bama resident Abdullahi Idris. “Later we tend to saw plumes of smoke and hearth from the barracks.”

Bama has become a flashpoint within the insurgence and also the scene of many daring Muhammedan attacks. one in every of the Muhammedan rebels’ largest-ever strikes targeted the military in Bama in June.

According to Idris and different residents, military jets flew over the city when the attack.

The nearest air force base is in Borno’s capital metropolis, roughly seventy kilometres (44 miles) from Bama.

“A giant section of the barracks” had been destroyed by hearth, aforesaid another resident United Nations agency asked for namelessness however known himself as a member of the unpaid worker force that has been fashioned in Borno to fight the Islamists.

He told fetoprotein that fighter jets born bombs on the attackers, forcing them to break away.

Residents and Dole offered no estimates of casualties.

2014 Federal Government budget proposal

The centralized yesterday conferred 2014 Federal Government budget proposal of N4.6 trillion for the 2014 financial year to the National Assembly. The projected budget christened ‘Budget for Job Creation and Growth’ represents N100 billion reduction from the N4.7 trillion that was budgeted for this year.

Capital expenditure is projected at N1.1 trillion representing twenty seven.29 per cent, down from thirty one.9 per cent within the current year. The reduction in cost was attributed to hyperbolic allocation to pension and high wage bill. The N4.6 trillion expenditure is to be supported from budgeted revenue of N3.37 billion, whereas the balance can return from N571 billion debt.

BUDGET 2014: Minister of Finance and Co-ordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala giving birth the 2014 Budget Proposal before the Senate in capital of Nigeria, yesterday. Photo: NAN.

The budget is predicated on  oil value of  $77.5 per barrel and crude production of a pair of.38 million barrels per day(bpd) with a median rate of exchange of  N160 per dollar.

The budget was conferred by  the Minister of Finance and Co-ordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala United Nations agency painted President dessert apple. although she didn't clarify of the budget and therefore the quantity for the continual expenditure, highlights of the projected budget were but later free by the Ministry of Finance.

Speaking to Journalists once  presenting the budget, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala aforementioned that the mixture expenditure of N4.6 trillion excludes the grant Reinvestment Expenditure Programme, SURE-P.

She said, “I felt terribly privileged, it’s associate honour that man.  President has asked Maine to hold out this task in conjunction with my colleagues within the cupboard, and in fact, the Director General of the Budget workplace supported Maine to do this nice honour.

“This budget is that the take into account Job Creation and Inclusive Growth, which means that it’s a budget which is able to continue the President’s transformation agenda for many sectors of the economy. The budget goes to support the push in agriculture.

“It can kick-start the housing sector wherever we tend to will produce a lot of jobs, it's designed for  our policies that might support producing as a result of jobs would be created there. Industries can conjointly be created in solid minerals sector. of these support can still be unleashed.  Job creation is that the key to actually solving the issues of the Nigerian economy.

“Aggregate expenditure excluding positive – P funds  is concerning N4.6 trillion and the revenue is concerning N3.73 trillion.  The capital is concerning N1.1 trillion and makes up concerning twenty seven % of the budget, the balance in fact is that the continual, and it's concerning seventy two % of the budget.”

The Minister explained that the identifying feature between the 2013 budget which of the 2014 budget was the main target the govt had in continuation of the 2013 budget particularly on the world of job creation for the youths and secure that the govt wasn't about to soften in pushing forward.

She said, “All the programmes that make jobs area unit okay supported, the positive -P is additionally a part of it, community services programmes would be pushed, the You-Win programme would be pushed.”

The Minister more aforementioned that the govt would pursue smartly infrastructural development.

“The infrastructure development is an element of it, the Hon Minister of Transport is here, we've got been functioning on rail development. Ministry of Niger Delta is additionally a part of the infrastructure development, Water resources, FCT development so on.

“We have privatised power however we'll be functioning on the transmission to direct resources there. The identifying issue is that it’s a continuation of what we've got done before however with a lot of stress on very pushing out jobs and conjointly supporting safety nets which will more distribute financial gain to poor individuals within the country.”


Baseline Assumptions

Baseline Assumptions
*Benchmark Oil Price: $77.5pb
*Budgeted Oil Production: a pair of.3883mbpd
*Average Exchange Rate: N160/$, same as in 2013
*Real GDP Growth Rate: six.75%

Revenue Projections
*Gross Federally Collectible Revenue: N10.88 trillion
*Gross Federally Collectible Oil & Gas Revenue: N7.16 trillion
*Total deductions, together with price of crude production, grant payments, and domestic gas development is N2.15 trillion, same as in 2013.
*Subsidy payments were maintained at the 2013 level of N971.1 billion.
*Gross Federally Collectible Non-Oil Revenue: N3.29 trillion
*FGN Budget Revenue: N3.73 trillion

Expenditure Projections
*Aggregate Expenditure (Net of SURE-P): N4.642 trillion
*Aggregate Expenditure (Inclusive of SURE-P): N4.910 trillion
*Statutory Transfers: N399.7 billion
*INEC’s expenditure is to extend from the N32 billion provisioned in 2013 to N45 billion. this can be to change the Commission intensify preparations towards the 2014 elections.

*National Assembly’s allocation is to be maintained at the 2013 level of N150 billion.
*The provision for debt service is N712 billionfrom the 2013 level of N591.8 billion.
*Recurrent (non-debt) Spending: N2.43 trillionfrom N2.80 trillion in 2013
*Personnel price hyperbolic slightly from the 2013 change Budget provision of N1.718 trillion to N1.723 trillionfor 2014.
*Capital Expenditure: N1.100 trillion
lShare of Capital in total Expenditure: twenty seven.29%down from thirty one.9% in 2013 reflective the hyperbolic allocation to pension likewise as high wage bill
*Share of continual in total Spending: seventy two.71%
*Provision for SURE-P: N268.37 billion

Fiscal Balance
*Fiscal Deficit: N911.96 billion
*Fiscal Deficit as share of GDP: one.90
*New Borrowing Requirement: N571 billion, a decrease from N577 billion in 2013

A man jailed for stealing palm fruits

Victor Jacob who is  22 year-old has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for stealing seven bags of palm kernel fruits worth N7, 500.

Jacob pleaded guilty to the crime committed on November 16th at Obaretin village in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State.

Jacob was sentenced by an Ikpoba-Okha Area Customary court presided over by Princess Esther Eweka.

Princess Eweka in delivering judgment said the plea of guilt entered by Jacob was enough to put him behind bars and however gave an option of N10, 000 fine.