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Waec result 2016/2017 - Result Checker -

Waec result 2016/2017 - Result Checker - -   I will be showing you one of the easiest and fastest Ways to check your waec result online.

Check Your WAEC Result Here

From here, you will be making a visit to the official waec website of this great educational organization, if you are a  student that want to know the outcome of your past exams, then they is no better place to check that if not from waec website

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WAEC Result Checker 2016/2017
WAEC Result Statistics 2016/2017
How to use waec Result Checker

Waec result 2016 result checking website site is very easy to move around on, even though you might not
have much computer knowledge, do not worry for you can perfectly find your way on this site. learn how to check it from here waec result checker Good luck. I wish you a better result, click here to visit the site now. 

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1.     Waec 2016 result

First you login to Google on your Tablet in the cyber café or your PC

Then type in waec online result checker
You will have to visit the site from here

Your registration number

And your centre number

Note: Nigeria and Ghana centres does not use the same number

Specify the year you wrote your exam
Chose the appropriate exam if it is Nov/Dec or may/June

After that you will wait for about five minutes for your result to be sent

Once it elapses your result will show on the page.

If you are sent a message that your result cannot be found it does not
 Warranty that your result has been seized, you can still try later in a short

These I know will be a relief to those having problem with checking their results online. I look forward to your comments . for Waec website

Don’t use or, for exams status, always make use of the .org attached to it and not .com
Waec website  has been on the web and is known to be one of the oldest website in Africa that unite schools from different past of west Africa together in just one click.

Pleas if you have questions just feel free to use type it in and send on our comment box. Welcome to a new world.

Unilorin Post utme 2016 form registration - cut off mark & exam date

Unilorin Post utme 2016 form registration - cut off mark & exam date – Read information about unilorin post jamb application guideline here. We shall give you all the information you need to know about Unilorin post utme form.

University of Ilorin is one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria. You learn with a high level of technology, this help in improving your understanding ability. Uniloin post utme 2016 guideline is clearly written down on this page. You will get information concerning the application procedure and other relevant information. University of Ilorin post utme form is filled and submitted through school official website.  
Unilorin post utme date will also get to your knowledge if you can kindly cool down and read the information contained on this blog. First and foremost, we will start with the registration details requirements. Later on this publication, we will also give you comprehensive details on how to conduct yourself during 2016 unilorin post utme.

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You will also get the comprehensive unilorin post utme 2016 cut of mark below
Medicine and Nursing          240     

Anatomy, Bio chemistry, civil engineering, Mass communication, Business administration, electrical, Microbiology engineering, Pharmacy    200  
Accountancy, Geology, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry   210     
Computer science, computer engineering. 190     

Law,.   220     

Vet medicine, 230     

Other courses not listed above.        180      (e.g, English, Economics, and other educational education, e.t.c ).

Requirement for 2016 Unilorin Post utme form registration

You will need to meet with the above cut of mark before you start thinking of getting admitted through university of Ilorin post utme screening exercises.

You need credit, in English language, and mathematic, in one sitting. Five credits are required and English and maths are compulsory this is for medicine and nursing students.
Unilorin post utme form is charge N1,000 (One thousand Naira) for the 2016 unilorin computer based test (CTB). Also an additional fee of N1, 000 (One thousand Naira) for processing of candidate form. 

The total school charge is N2,00 (Two thousand Naira)Only.

Direct Entry The examination will be conducted using Computer Based Test (CBT) platform at Ilorin and Lagos Centres.
You can visit

Unilag post utme 2016/2017 form, Exam Date - Past questions

Unilag post utme 2016/2017 form, Exam Date - Past questions – The online registration application form guideline is what you will read here. University of Lagos Akoka post utme 2016 screening exercise guide is written down below. Fill and submit Unilag post utme form.

Unilag post utme form is usually sold N2000 naira. You can get yours when the 2016 registration begins. The application will just need you to update some information and upload back. The update is done via the unilag website.  

University of lagos post utme form 2016 online registration should be completed and printed before the deadline. The application deadline/closing date will be listed on the school website. Unilag post utme form is for students who meet the school required marks through Jamb.

2016 unilag post utme online registration will commence on the dates specified by school management. Kindly ensure you submit your university of Lagos post utme form before the deadline.  Below I will be listing the all the requirements for the 2016/2017 post utme of unilag.

Online registration form requirement for university of Lagos aptitude test/ unilag post utme 2016
  1. A jamb result and reg number is require to apply
  2. You meet to meet unilag cut off mark for post utme 2016.
  3. Unilag post utme form is for candidates who is or has exceeded 16 years. Sixteen years is the minimum age requirement for all students who want to get admission through post utme screening exercise.
  4. Unilag post utme 2016 form mandates all applicants to complete the online registration carefully.
  5. Ensure you verify your details carefully before you submit when the form comes out.
Payment of N2, 000 (Two thousand naira is to be made into the school approved/designated banks.  The payment will cover your bank processing fees for your 2016 unilag post utme form. Below are list of banks you can obtain the form. Please ensure you pay into the main school unilag post utme designated banks.
You can buy and process 2016 unilag post utme form for any of the following university of lags faculties:

Faculty of arts
Faculty of basic medical sciences
Faculty of business administration
Faculty of clinical sciences
Faculty of dental sciences
Faculty of education
Faculty of engineering
Faculty of environmental sciences
2016  unilag post utme for Faculty of law
Faculty of pharmacy
Faculty of science
Faculty of social sciences

We will update you when the form is officially out okay. Also you can check here on how to check your  unilag post utme result online. 

How to write a curriculum vitae

How to write a curriculum vitae - cv
 I will be showing you the best and easiest way to write a cv for you new job
Your names: write down your names the exact way it was writing on your passport, if your name if matt Johnson make sure you write it in that same way and not mixing everything up like Johnson matt.
Age: your age should be writing in the best way on your passport
Contact: write down your email and phone number. Write your hose address, if you have two residences write down the place you stay most.

How do you write a resume? How to write a good resume

How do you write a resume? How to write a good resume

I have come to find out that lots of person don’t know the exert thing they should include on their resume and this has been a major contributor to high rate of unemployment in London and other parts of the world. I will give you a detailed list of things you need to put in your resume in other to make it worth looking at by your interviewer.
You will have to include the below information
Your name: first last and middle name
Country and state
Email and phone number
Hight (optional)
Street address with number 

Cv samples best curriculum vitae sample

Cv samples best curriculum vitae sample

Am about to show the ultimate solution to your little cv problems,  before you write a cv look for the best cv sample in other ho compile your to the best taste.  Some people have been hurt may times due to their inability to follow simple instructions tabled down by some other people and this has caused them more harm than good. i strongly hope that you will follow my instruction.  

What makes a good CV and how to make a good cv

What makes a good CV and how to make a good cv
Learn the best practice involved in writing with pure perfection for a better chance of getting any work or job of your choice.
Having good knowledge of something, makes you a perfect man in your lane, dear friend if you have been having much hard times in writing a good cv for your new proposed work then you should read this post to the very last full stop on the page. Follow my instructions one after the other. Read every recommended post on this page for more clarification.

1.                                Use the best cv format for your application: when writing for an engineering work make sure you don’t make use of medical cv format for your proposed boss, if you do so you might be getting out of the job.

#Bring Back Our Girls | Chibok Abducted Girls | Sambisa Forest

#bring back our girls is a program that began across Nigeria and the whole world, over the Chibok abducted girls who are at the Sambisa Forest The federal governments of Nigeria are in partnership with many foreign countries like China, United State of America, Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom and lots more, has been searching for the Nigerian Chibok abducted girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram group. These girls whom are known to be more than 200 in number were captured from their place of learning on the April 2014 and kept in the Sambisa Forest. Ever since then many news and stories get told by different journalist on the print media, television, radio and internet.

Nigerian Universities and Years Founded Update List | Federal Universities | State Universities | Private Universities

Nigerian Universities and Years Founded Update List | Federal Universities | State Universities | Private Universities
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria       Professor Abdullahi Mustapha   1962
Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife              Professor Bamitale Omole 1962
Bayero University,Kano    Professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed, mni   1975

Approved Universities in Nigeria by national Universities Commission (NUC)

Approved Universities in Nigeria by national Universities Commission (NUC)
In Nigeria there are so many universities that are not approved by the National Universities Commission NUC. This organization is a non academic body in Nigeria that regulates educational activities of the higher institution. The body was established by the federal government in 1962 to handle all the activities of institution. Before a university is considered a government approved institute it must have pass all the test of NUC.

Reasons for cellular mobile systems

Reasons for cellular mobile systems
The major reasons for developing cellular mobile phones are:-
(i). Limited service capability of conventional fixed lines. Here the number of customers is limited by the number of channels assigned to a particular frequency zone.
(ii). Poor service performance:­  The point- to point micro wave links used in fixed trunk lines means that any break at any point in the chain will affect the entire route.

Meaning of a filed work | example of a filed work | Field experience

Meaning of a filed work | example of a filed work  | Field experience
The field experience is a required component for all students in Ebonyi State University especially in department of human kinetic and health education.
Field experience provides students in health education with practical experience in the professional duties and responsibilities as a health education field experience allows student to apply and incorporate skills and knowledge that they have acquired during their didactics.
Therefore, the primary purpose of the field experience is to help students learn how to apply theory and principles to work situations and to develop and expand professional skills and competencies essential to these tasks. It is intended to help students explore areas of interest and affords the opportunity to become acquainted with agencies, community groups, institution commonly engaged in health education and behavioral change program. Hence field experience is a valuable educational tool that gives an in-depth look inside an institution or community.
In all institutions or community there are many kinds of behaviour that promise health, prevent illness and help in the cure and rehabilitation of sick people. These kinds of behaviour should be identified and encouraged. In fact it is usually the positive, healthy results of such behaviors that encourage people to continue with them.
These are also behaviour that is harmful to health, because of the unhealthy results of such behaviour, people often give it up by themselves through health education.
Therefore health education uses a variety of methods to help people understand their own situations and choose actions that will improve their health.
Health education is incomplete unless it encourages involvement and choice by the people themselves for example merely telling people to follow “good health behaviour” is not health education.

Also, in health education we do not blame people if they do not behave in healthy way. Often unhealthy behaviour is not the fault of individual. In health education we must work with families, community’s institutions and even regional and national authorities to make sure that resources and support are available to enable each individual to live a healthy life. 



Coming late to the office is not normal and due to some certain things which do occur, which might include the following: Waking up late in the morning, cooking late in the morning, preparing our kid/ wards for school, and finally traffic germ while coming to work may cause work lateness.
Your director or manager after giving you some time to fix up your problem may decide to give you a query for lateness. Here and now am going to show you the simple and easiest way to get this question answered; How to reply a query for lateness.


Waec Gce Result 2016/2017 - Online result -

Waec Gce Result  - West African examination council (WAEC) recently released the 2013/2014 Waec Gce  Result which is now ready for checking. To check your resul online kindly click here  WAEC GCE RESULT.

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Just cool down and read the simple procedure on how you can check your 2013 GCE result. This post is now updated. So please if you wish to check your 2014/2015 result, just try and check back on use in little month time. You have to get the WAEC scratch card from any business center nearest to you which is usually sold at

Dynamics of values in contemporary Africa: the imperative of value clarification in the reconstruction of Africa cultural studies

Dynamics of values in contemporary Africa: the imperative of value clarification in the reconstruction of Africa cultural studies
Africa today is as a word of shaken belief and changing values. There is a total distortion of the values of Africa. These changing values being witnessed presently in African societies has brought about crises of value, which has besieged every aspect of the African life. A cursory examination of the African society shows a disintegration of her value system, which is clearly evidence in cases of moral decadence.
             A new and foreign value, which has permeated into our society through education, religious, social and political interaction, have brought about crises of values. Nigeria for instance, in the past few decades has witnessed this socio-cultural change with profound impact on its values, beliefs and customs broken by modernity. The youths are faced with conflicts in value orientation in the face of violent clash between traditional values and modern values.  Youths often times want to discard the old African traditional system but in most case, there is sufficient confusion and lack of value clarification which makes the victims (youths) to suffer value crisis. This invariably makes it difficult for them to pattern their lives after traditional or foreign values. For the youths to be saved from the clutches of crisis of values system, they need help in value clarification to make realistic decision. Unfortunately, a large number of young people do not have access to such professional assistance.                    From this stand point however, this paper takes a look at the dimension of these changes. It concisely explain the concept of values in Nigeria, the dilemma  of the crisis and finally anchors on value clarification approach as a viable strategy for the reconstruction of African cultural studies. Analysis brought to light is that every society based on its historical evidence; demand a reconstruction and rewriting of the whole.

JAMB | UTME 2014 Offline Registration User Manual

JAMB | UTME 2014  Offline Registration  User Manual

This manual is written to guide you, right from installation to the usage of the application. The manual is simplified and explained graphically to guide you and to ease your usage of the solution.
Please follow the instructions carefully
Important: If you have the previous year (UTME 2013) offline application installed on your system, uninstall the application and all its references before installing the 2014 UTME application
How to uninstall the application
>> Open the control panel, select the “Add/Remove Programs” (or Programs and Features in Windows Vista OS and later) programs option, Locate the JambPassFingerprintsInstall application as shown below.  Double-click to uninstall
>> If you have any other biometrics library installed on your PC, you are advised to uninstall/disable them before any installation, otherwise, it may conflict.
>>In case of any installation mistakes or error, please uninstall all installed modules and restart the entire process
>>Open the FAQ file for answers to some issues you may encounter
>> The Only supported Scanner is DigitalPersona
>>Recommended Hardware Requirements
            Pentium 4 Processor or equivalent or higher
            Windows Xp or higher version
            1GB Ram or Higher
            Reliable Internet Access
DigitalPersona fingerprints scanner

How do I know if my system is 32bit or 64bit?
>> Right click the ‘My computer’ Icon from the start menu and select properties
>>Observe the opened windows and confirm the System type you are using as shown below

Installation Procedures
Go to to download Framework 2.0, Prerequisites and application that corresponds to your machine spec i.e. 32bit or 64bit.
Fresh Installation
Windows XP or earlier Operating system will require Framework 2.0. Download the appropriate file by clicking on the download corresponding to your machine and click on the Save File button as demonstrated below
Direct Online Registration of candidates
Candidates registering directly online without using the offline application must download and install the prerequisites.
>>  Installing the prerequisites  
  1. Download and extract the Prerequisite to expose the RTE folder
  2. Open the RTE folder and double-click on the “Setup.msi
  3. Follow the Wizard to install the prerequisite

Installation of the Offline Application
  1. Extract the Zip file and Double-Click on the JambPassFingerprintsInstall.msi or JambPassFingerprintsInstallx64.msi in depending on the folder corresponding to your machine (32 or 64 bit)
  2.  Follow the instruction on the wizard to complete the installation
  3. An Icon of the application will be created on your desktop


How to Use the Application
1.      Please note that internet connection is required at first launch to pull the base data that shall be used during data capture. Unless internet access is available, you may be able to use the application.
2.      Fill in Candidate’s Serial number, Pin Number and Bio-data information and the email address
NOTE that you can now fill the complete registration details by checking the box as pointed by the Red arrow at the left bottom of the form. The filling of the complete registration details is however optional, but introduced to ease registration.
3.      Browse Passport to Select Candidate Passport from file
Use a Webcam to Capture Candidate’s Image if one is attached and detected.
4.      Start Capturing fingerprints
It is expected that your DigitalPersona scanner is connected to the system. The scanner once detected starts automatically. Place Left Thumb on Scanner until it has been clearly captured. Select the Right Thumb option; capture the Right Thumb as well. Having any issue follow the directives inside the monitoring field
5.      Select the Nationality, State of Origin and Local Government. Others are Date of Birth and Gender.
6.      If you wish to capture the complete registration details, check the “Enter Other Registration Details” box.  Toggling between  checking and unchecking the box change the text of the save button from “Save Details” to “Get Other Registration Details
7.      If you are not filling the complete registration details, uncheck the “Enter Other Registration Details” box, if checked and click on the “Save Details” button to save the data.
8.      If however, that the registration details are to be captured, please check the “Enter Other Registration Details” box and click on the “Get Other Registration Details” button to populate the Registration form as shown below.
 The basic personal details supplied in the previous form shall be loaded. You are expected to complete the form and click on ”Save Details” button to save the data. This will submit your data in readiness for transfer online.
The application automatically transfers data once there is internet. To manually initiate transfer, click start transfer.
Note that unless there is internet connection, the submitted data still reside locally on the system.
If you want to cancel or discontinue the registration, click on the “Exit Without Save” button to return to the previous form discarding the filled form.

  1. To change your settings, click settings.
  2. Ensure that the destination server is ‘’ and license server is empty
  3. To change the location of the treated data, click folder and select valid directory
  4. ‘Action After Processing’ can be used to decide the status of the treated data
  5. Click ok to save changes.
Output Details
1.      Click on output details to open the process monitoring section
2.      To view successfully transferred data, click Success Transfer
3.      To view failed transfer and the reason, click on Failed Transfer
4.      For errors without particular source, click on General Logs
5.      Entries can be exported to excel if excel is installed on the system

Exporting Data
  1. Untreated data saved on a system can be exported to another system by using the clicking on export from the ‘Transfer saved data’ menu.
  2. Choose export destination by clicking on ‘Select Export Location’
  3. Select Copy Files or Move Files
  4. Click Export Now To Start The Transfer

Importing Data
  1. Exported data can be imported by clicking import from the ‘Transfer saved data’ menu.
  2. Choose import destination by clicking on ‘Select Import Location’
  3. Click Import Now To Start The Transfer