Waec result 2016/2017 - Result Checker - www.waecdirect.org


Waec result 2016/2017 - Result Checker - www.waecdirect.org -   I will be showing you one of the easiest and fastest Ways to check your waec result online.

Check Your WAEC Result Here www.waecdirect.org

From here, you will be making a visit to the official waec website of this great educational organization, if you are a  student that want to know the outcome of your past exams, then they is no better place to check that if not from waec website

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WAEC Result Checker 2016/2017
WAEC Result Statistics 2016/2017
How to use waec Result Checker

Waec result 2016 result checking website site is very easy to move around on, even though you might not
have much computer knowledge, do not worry for you can perfectly find your way on this site. learn how to check it from here waec result checker Good luck. I wish you a better result, click here to visit the site now.  www.waecdirect.org 

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1.     Waec 2016 result

First you login to Google on your Tablet in the cyber café or your PC

Then type in waec online result checker
You will have to visit the site from here www.waecdirect.com

Your registration number

And your centre number

Note: Nigeria and Ghana centres does not use the same number

Specify the year you wrote your exam
Chose the appropriate exam if it is Nov/Dec or may/June

After that you will wait for about five minutes for your result to be sent

Once it elapses your result will show on the page.

If you are sent a message that your result cannot be found it does not
 Warranty that your result has been seized, you can still try later in a short

These I know will be a relief to those having problem with checking their results online. I look forward to your comments .

www.waecdirect.org for Waec website

Don’t use waecdirect.com or waec.com, for exams status, always make use of the .org attached to it and not .com
Waec website  has been on the web and is known to be one of the oldest website in Africa that unite schools from different past of west Africa together in just one click.

Pleas if you have questions just feel free to use type it in and send on our comment box. Welcome to a new world.

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