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Download 2go latest version 7.0 on www.2go.Im or

Learn how Download 2go Latest 6.0 and 7.0 Version The 2go social networking is one at which has large multitudes of subscriber during the years and still the 2go network is the leading the race as we speak to you all here and now, so many people across the country and globe think that the 2go networking is out of version since the arrival of other social networking such as Facebook and Whatsapp. – Download Whatsapp Mobile Messenger Free – Download Whatsapp Mobile Messenger Free - site for download is what am about to show you now the whatsapp website
Many sites on the internet gives chances for download, but here we are going to get our app from the main official website of Before we proceed I would like to share some little experience I got from whatsapp website download when I got my whatsaap from other websites different from the official website of

Recomended for download

Download whatsapp for my phone download for android new version download for samsung download new version for pc download for pc download for nokia download for blackberry
I downloaded my app on my mobile phone, the whole thing went well just few weeks after I got it, but letter in some weeks I found out that my app came with a heavy virus, and this virus corrupted all my files and the whole things on my sd card refused to open, due to this I formatted my memory card and you know what its all about. I lost my entire file and it was a very sad experience. is safe for download.

Downlaod whatsapp from here

Because of what happened to me I decided to write down this so that you wont make such a mistake, i leter downloaded from

In other to get a free virus whatsapp application kindly visit on your device, download the version that is meant for your mobile phone.
Note: select the one that is specified only for your mobile type e.g. if you are an android, blackberry, iPhone and Nokia user select the whatsapp built for your phone on Same thing applies to symbian and java phones to choice your brand.

Latest versions of whatsapp - version free download

You know that update their version almost every month to add new future to already existing on, on morning I woke up and switched on my device, I opened my app to check if I had a new mail, the first thing I saw was, you need to update your  application to latest version I became surprised until I read on it on a blog, I followed the instructions on the blog and I got my whatsapp latest version download in just few minutes. 
So if you are good in following instructions, read with me as I unveil the secret to you now.
The first thing you have to do is open switch off your phone wait for like 2 to 3 minutes and on it back again
Uninstall the previous version on your phone
Visit and download a fresh application on your device
If you do not want to uninstall and install new version follow this second tips 
Navigate to your phone menu
Click on whatsapp application
Click on option
Click on update version
You will be redirected to where you will free download whatsapp latest version files via
After the app must have finished downloading, run app on your phone and you will see the notice you normally see, will disappear

The second option is to to updates laetst version

Note: If you used the first option you will have to re-register by confirming your mobile number
But if you used the second option you will only update to the latest version and you won’t have to register again
When you get a new account your old friends will still be on your new list so its better you make use of the first option 
If you encountered any difficulties while trying to update whatsapp new version just kindly drop your comment on our comment box or visits

Yahoo password helper | change yahoo password

Yahoo password helper | change yahoo password -  I know that you have lost access to your account, but don’t worry because right here and now I will be showing you all the necessary steps required to getting your account back. You click here to Change Yahoo password.

In the last five months a friend encountered the same problem, he tried all the things he knew to resolve his problem, but when he read some tips from some of my other blog he got his problem resolved.

So let’s get to getting back that your account now, follow the below guide.
1.  Visit the website of yahoo
2.  Click on the forgot password
3.  Chose a means to get back your account, either by alternative email or phone number
4.  If you chose alternative email enter the email
5.  Check the alternative email for a mail from yahoo
6.  Click on the link on the mail and you will be redirected to a link where you can easily change your password to  a new one
7.  If you chose phone number enter the number
8.  Check the number and copy out the code that will be sent to the phone
9.  Type the code on the box that will show on the yahoo site and your account will be back.
Please if you have any question, kindly drop it down on our comment box. Thanks.

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Download 2go Messenger Version 7 - &

Download 2go Messenger Version 7 - & – You can download latest version of 2go now and from  If you are still running on the previous version, use this site to update your app, so that you will have access to the new futures been added to this application.

Before you download this app make sure you have enough megabyte on you mobile, desktop and laptop computer
For more information kindly visit here and

2go sign in now and have access in to your account. Just read through this little information. This application has rely made the list of the best in the world, and since the invention of,  people stay connected to things that matters most to them, so I will like you to read this information carefully in other to have good knowledge of how.

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You can complete your 2go sign in. If you haven’t gotten an account and wish to have one then click here to create one yourself now. 2go sign up

 Below are the simple steps involved to download 2go and sign in to

1.     Firstly you will have to visit
2.     Enter the details you entered on the site
3.     Log in, that will be all. technology has recently upgraded to incorporate paying attention to and downloading free music. additionally permits you to setup your profile, meet new folks, share files and photos and communicate with countless others. It needs a network association that your mobile network operator.

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With 2go account on your mobile, you'll be able to chat with all of your friends anyplace and any time.

2go Password: How to recover it when lost

You have just gotten to the home where you would have the information you are looking for.
Just follow this little procedure to have your 2go password changed

1.     First visit
2.     Open your phone message writer
3.     Type 2go password on the message box
4.     Send the massage to 32120 in the receiver's box
Enter the password and access 2go sign in page

Here is how the massage should look like; Text 2go Password to 32120

Note: To enjoy the newest features of this app from now on, then you have to click here 
download 2go latest version.

You may consider reopening another account from here 2go sign up
Note: In every password change request, a service fee of N30 (Thirty Naira) will be deducted from your airtime from your service provider.

Latest 2go version download 2go latest version

On this post I will be sharing with you the best tips on how you can download 2go version 1 and other best version of this mobile application which includes the following version below:
To download 2go version 3.5:  This version came in to the site just after the previous version was resealed, after this version another wonderful version which letter
presided this version was version 3.7 which included so many features to work with, the features was so powerful that they have to bring out a better version which seem more powerful than the 3.7 version.
To get this version visit version 3.5.7 is the best for now and in few months to come a newer version will be released and lot greater features will be added to the existing ones. Sign Up – Download Badoo Messenger & Chat Sign Up – Download Badoo Messenger  Creating a social network account is another fine tuned stuff we all like to hear, and badoo is the man of discussion here. You can download badoo from here

Download badoo from here

On this little time you have chosen to spend oat brim home I will show you how you can easily complete your sign in registration in just a few four to five minutes, so if you are ready then you got to walk down this page with me as you learn the new stuff. is free. If you are new to this you must be asking what is badoo
Badoo is a social network were lots of family and friends meet and chat on daily bases.


How to complete badoo sign up and download badoo via

In other to register with badoo chat you will have to have an email address, a valid one will be perfect for the registration.

Click here to visit

Click on the sign up button on or the join button on the page

A form called badoo registration form will appear in a new page

Enter you names




Information about your educational background should be included in your new Account.

Select the sex you wish to chat with

Age group and best possible location

Enter you profile picture on by uploading a good photo of you either from your computer, email account or pisca.

You can resize the image to fit in to your taste. And that will be the end after that click on badoosign in.

To get more friends from always use pics and you will find whole lots of friends around your home or office. Enjoy 

Badoo sign in - The best steps to access badoo login

the best and easiest way to have access to badoo is to first of all sing in to your account and I will show you the ways and steps involved in doing that in less than two minutes.
You will need to first have an account, if you already have one you can continue reading but if you are just new click here to get your badoo sign up  you will have to visit

Click on the log in button on the page and wait for it to load up
Enter your sign in details which includes your email and password
Click on the badoo signin to start your chat. Enjoying chatting.
If this post on was helpful to you please share on facebook and twitter with your friends. Nice coming around, we hope to see you next time.
Drop your comments below and I will get back to you.

 If you are using mobile phone you should follow the above steps for your badoo mobile sign in via

Strong password tips for secure password

 Strong password tips for secure password

In other not to forget your account password in the nearest future follow this tips below
Use a very strong and secure password

Don’t share your password with your friends

Avoid making use of password creator, because most of this said password generator online read your password

Download bbm for android, blackberry, windows phone Samsung

Download bbm for android, blackberry, windows phone Samsung - bbm messenger download - download bbm for free now. On this post I will teach you all you need to know on how to get this app on your mobile device even, so just read through this powerful information compiled by Brim Home team. This messenger allows you to communicate with family and friends around the web; it has wonderful emotions you to make your stay full of fun. 

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bbm messenger download is possible only when you have enough mobile date on your device, before when the bbm just came into tow it uses only a wireless network to connect to the web and this makes it more better for communication, to download bbm for blackberry you will have to visit on your device.

Some phones do come with this app, as an inbuilt app but in case you didn’t get the app with your phone just visit the above site to download bbm for free
Once you might have completed your registration you will be assigned a blackberry pin which is what you will give to friends and family members in other to connect with you. Without a pin you cannot communicate with anybody on the bbm messenger.
Nowadays with or without wireless network you can easily chat with friends and family on this messaging platform.

How to download bbm

The first thing you will do is visit the site

Enter your first name last name nick name if you have any

Enter a valid email address on the box

Chose a password for your account

Click on the create account button

Open your mail and click on the mail that will be sent from bbm team to your mail

Copy the black berry pin on the mail or click on the link to verify your

Now click on the download button or install button to get it straight to your phone.

Once the app is on your phone lunch it

Enter your pin and password to login and that will be all. 

Learn how you can get bbm run on your android device and how you can easily free download bbm apk from Google play if your phone, just read this little guide to get all that stuff work on your phone.


Download bbm 7

If your phone does not have access to Google play ( I mean phones that cant download apps from the play store) then don’t worry because at the bottom of this post I have provided a link where you can easily get your files. But this will require you to download bbm apk file first on your mobile device in other to complete the task. 
To get bbm apk free download on Google play you will need to visit on your device make sure that you already have an account with them if not you can easily sign up for new account on the site. 

If you do not have access to play store download from here.  Free download bbm apk to complete this action follow these tips

Navigate to your system settings on your android phone

Click on application

Click on the unknown source tick the little box

Once you have done all this you can now easily get the app.

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Download Whatsapp for Andriod, Blackberry, Nokia, & Pc

Download Whatsapp for Andriod, Blackberry, Nokia, & Pc - Use this tutorial to whatsapp download on any mobile device. On this tutorial I will show you the how you can download whatsapp on your android device, blackberry, nokia and iphone. 

You will also get to know how to download whatsapp on laptop and desktop pc. Just cool down and read it in bit and you will learn all the steps involved.

 How to download whatsapp on android

Firstly you will have to make sure that you recharge your android device with any data plane of your choice.

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Try and provide storage space for whatsapp on android by Cleaning up all unwanted apps on your phone to make sure you have enough space where the app will be installed, but if you already have much space then you shouldn’t even bother to do that.

Visit Google play on your device for whatsapp download for android

Search for whatsapp on the search bar at the top of Google play

Click on the install button to install whatsapp for android phone

If you have a Gmail account you can sign in to your account with your details but if you are yet to have one, click on create new account but to register for an account.

After that is done your app will start downloading automatically

Note: Even if you try to download the app from you will still be redirected back to Google play. So always try and get your app from the play store.

whatsapp desktop version -  whatsapp for desktop pc - download whatsapp

Here I will show how you can easily get the whatsaap application to run on your desktop computer without having to run through much process, the guide is very easy and simple to follow, and executable in just few minutes. So just relax and fix your chat up. I will show you two simple ways that works.

 Whatsapp for windows: This works very well with all the windows, even if you have window 7, window vista, windows xp you will still have to use this process, with this guide you can also complete your whatsapp download for windows 8. All you will do is to first download bluestack mobile emulator on your pc from here.

After you must have finished with that, run the application on your desktop computer
Navigate to the search menu on application
And type in whatsapp on the search
Download whatsapp  and run the app
You will be requested to enter your mobile number
A verification code will be sent to your phone
Open it and type in the code as it appeared on your phone or click on the link that came with the code on your message.
Once that is done and you got verified you can start enjoying your whatsapp for windows

Whatsapp desktop Mac:  In other to complete this task you will have to download a mobile emulator  for Mac operating system  youwave, but due to the fact that whatsaap is not free on apple device, I will advise you to download android emulators on your Mac pc so that you can use it free as an android user.

Sponsored on how to whatsapp download 

Once you have finished downloading the android emulator follow the above steps and complete your download or you can simple visit Google play from they and get it direct from play.
Learn the best ways to chat on whatsapp on your laptop from this post and get your account in just

Here am using whatsapp for laptop windows 8 and whatsapp for laptop windows 7 for example here; in few seconds you will learn how to get whatsapp on laptop. The guide I have writing will work for any of the other windows like vista or xp. Now let’s move on
For us to complete this we need to get bluestack on our laptop first because with this we will easily get the file on our system, click here to get it.

Once that is done, install the program on your laptop and then look for the space provided for search on the app

Look up for whatsapp on the app, click on it to download it on the emulator.
Open the whatsapp app from the app and enter your mobile number on the box that will show up.

You will automatically receive a text message on your phone with a code
Type in the code you got in other to confirm your sim ownership
Once that is done you can now start to use whatsapp on laptop

whatsapp for Mac download:  The best way to do this is to use any of the android mobile emulator instead of using mac emulators because when you use the android ones you will use whatsapp for free but when you go for the mac ones you will get a paid version of whatsapp on your Mac.

The android ones work well in mac so is better you try the free version than pay for what many are getting for free.

Note: when you use your whatsapp on your laptop you will not be able to log into your account with your mobile device, so whenever you wish to make us of your mobile device for chat kindly disconnect the on e on the laptop.

Facebook message recovery - Deleted facebook messages recovery

 Facebook message recovery - Deleted facebook messages recovery
To get back to all your lost messages you have to follow the steps I will show you below, follow all of the steps diligently and you will have your lost facebook messages back.

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You will not make use any of the said facebook message recovery tool in other to get back your messages, all you have to do is follow this simple instruction now.

First you will have to log in to your account

Enter your login details on the page

Click on account settings and you will be redirected to facebook general account settings