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www.whatsapp.com – Download Whatsapp Mobile Messenger Free - www.whatsapp.com site for download is what am about to show you now the whatsapp website
Many sites on the internet gives chances for whatsapp.com download, but here we are going to get our app from the main official website of www.whatsapp.com. Before we proceed I would like to share some little experience I got from whatsapp website download when I got my whatsaap from other websites different from the official website of www.whatsapp.com

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www.whatsapp.com download for pc

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I downloaded my app on my mobile phone, the whole thing went well just few weeks after I got it, but letter in some weeks I found out that my app came with a heavy virus, and this virus corrupted all my files and the whole things on my sd card refused to open, due to this I formatted my memory card and you know what its all about. I lost my entire file and it was a very sad experience. www.whatsapp.com is safe for download.

Downlaod whatsapp from here www.whatsapp.com

Because of what happened to me I decided to write down this so that you wont make such a mistake, i leter downloaded from whatsapp.com.

In other to get a free virus whatsapp application kindly visit www.whatsapp.com on your device, download the version that is meant for your mobile phone.
Note: select the one that is specified only for your mobile type e.g. if you are an android, blackberry, iPhone and Nokia user select the whatsapp built for your phone on www.whatsapp.com. Same thing applies to symbian and java phones to choice your brand.

Latest versions of whatsapp - www.whatsapp.com version free download

You know that whatsapp.com update their version almost every month to add new future to already existing on, on morning I woke up and switched on my device, I opened my app to check if I had a new mail, the first thing I saw was, you need to update your www.whatsapp.com  application to latest version I became surprised until I read on it on a blog, I followed the instructions on the blog and I got my whatsapp latest version download in just few minutes. 
So if you are good in following instructions, read with me as I unveil the secret to you now.
The first thing you have to do is open switch off your phone wait for like 2 to 3 minutes and on it back again
Uninstall the previous version on your phone
Visit www.whatsapp.com and download a fresh application on your device
If you do not want to uninstall and install new version follow this second tips 
Navigate to your phone menu
Click on whatsapp application
Click on option
Click on update version
You will be redirected to where you will free download whatsapp latest version files via www.whatsapp.com.
After the app must have finished downloading, run whatsapp.com app on your phone and you will see the notice you normally see, will disappear

The second option is to to updates laetst www.whatsapp.com version

Note: If you used the first option you will have to re-register by confirming your mobile number
But if you used the second option you will only update to the latest version and you won’t have to register again
When you get a new www.whatsapp.com account your old friends will still be on your new list so its better you make use of the first option 
If you encountered any difficulties while trying to update whatsapp new version just kindly drop your comment on our comment box or visits www.whatsapp.com

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