Download 2go Messenger Version 7 - &


Download 2go Messenger Version 7 - & – You can download latest version of 2go now and from  If you are still running on the previous version, use this site to update your app, so that you will have access to the new futures been added to this application.

Before you download this app make sure you have enough megabyte on you mobile, desktop and laptop computer
For more information kindly visit here and

2go sign in now and have access in to your account. Just read through this little information. This application has rely made the list of the best in the world, and since the invention of,  people stay connected to things that matters most to them, so I will like you to read this information carefully in other to have good knowledge of how.

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You can complete your 2go sign in. If you haven’t gotten an account and wish to have one then click here to create one yourself now. 2go sign up

 Below are the simple steps involved to download 2go and sign in to

1.     Firstly you will have to visit
2.     Enter the details you entered on the site
3.     Log in, that will be all. technology has recently upgraded to incorporate paying attention to and downloading free music. additionally permits you to setup your profile, meet new folks, share files and photos and communicate with countless others. It needs a network association that your mobile network operator.

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With 2go account on your mobile, you'll be able to chat with all of your friends anyplace and any time.

2go Password: How to recover it when lost

You have just gotten to the home where you would have the information you are looking for.
Just follow this little procedure to have your 2go password changed

1.     First visit
2.     Open your phone message writer
3.     Type 2go password on the message box
4.     Send the massage to 32120 in the receiver's box
Enter the password and access 2go sign in page

Here is how the massage should look like; Text 2go Password to 32120

Note: To enjoy the newest features of this app from now on, then you have to click here 
download 2go latest version.

You may consider reopening another account from here 2go sign up
Note: In every password change request, a service fee of N30 (Thirty Naira) will be deducted from your airtime from your service provider.

Latest 2go version download 2go latest version

On this post I will be sharing with you the best tips on how you can download 2go version 1 and other best version of this mobile application which includes the following version below:
To download 2go version 3.5:  This version came in to the site just after the previous version was resealed, after this version another wonderful version which letter
presided this version was version 3.7 which included so many features to work with, the features was so powerful that they have to bring out a better version which seem more powerful than the 3.7 version.
To get this version visit version 3.5.7 is the best for now and in few months to come a newer version will be released and lot greater features will be added to the existing ones. 

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