What causes stomach ulcers


What causes stomach ulcers
Here are some of the things that do contribute to stomach ulcer, read the below list carefully to have deep knowledge of what you seek to know. there are still other things that may cause this sickness but the ones on this list are the major ones.
Below are the major causes of ulcers in stomach

Smoking: when someone takes too much of smoke in to the body it may result to this, so if you smoke try and lower the rate at which you do so

Hunger: if you are the type that do eat only ones in a day, then its time you start eating your complete your daily square meal. Been over hungered can make this even worse, than you can expect.

Over 50 years patients: 45 percent of every old man or woman are of high rate of getting this
Alcohol: too much intake of alcoholic drinks can lead to getting exposed to this, the acids on the drink acts on your stomach one you get hungry, so in other to avoid this make sure that whenever you want to take some high level of alcohol, than try and eat up.
Family line: if you come from a family were your father mother or even grand pa suffered from stomach ulcer you will be much more exposed to it than someone whom it is not on their line.
So stay away from
1.              Excessive smoking
2.              Too much of alcohol
3.              Too much of staying hungry

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