What makes a good CV and how to make a good cv


What makes a good CV and how to make a good cv
Learn the best practice involved in writing with pure perfection for a better chance of getting any work or job of your choice.
Having good knowledge of something, makes you a perfect man in your lane, dear friend if you have been having much hard times in writing a good cv for your new proposed work then you should read this post to the very last full stop on the page. Follow my instructions one after the other. Read every recommended post on this page for more clarification.

1.                                Use the best cv format for your application: when writing for an engineering work make sure you don’t make use of medical cv format for your proposed boss, if you do so you might be getting out of the job.
But if you use the format meant for your proposed work you will stand a good chance of getting the job.

2.                                Always include your contacts: some people don’t know the reason why they don’t get the job they want is due to the fact they failed to include a valid phone number and email address, not all company will have the time to come looking for you in your house in other to inform you of your success in the interview, so it’s always better to use two phone numbers, so that when the other line is down, you can be reached with the second one.

3.                                Always include your year of graduation: including your year of graduation will let the company know when you came of one institution to the other.

4.                                References: This is the master of all; some just use this for using sake without having good knowledge of what it is and why it is used. The main reason why 60% of person looking for jobs never get their job, is failure use this in the appropriate manner.  In other to make sure you get your new job as a graduate or non graduate always make contact your referee before you include him or her.

5.                                Typographical error and grammatical error:  After typing your cv get someone to read it and tell you of any error in typing and spelling, don’t always leave the typist to do that for you.

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