What is good for ulcers? These are food good for ulcers


 What is good for ulcers? These are food good for ulcers
Some foods are not worth spending to get them, but the one I will show you right now will defiantly worth your expensive, because they help in making you get back to your fit in just a little period of time.

Eating all the  Food for ulcer patients  is the best way out but eating all the food in the world which are not meant to keep you healthy  is not and will never be the best solution to getting back as an ulcer patient, but eating food for ulcer patient that I have on my list will definably help you out of your little hard time.

 Read this post and find out things some doctors never told you about ulcer:

If you read the above post from their links then you must have known some of the good reasons why I am here with, you.
To be frank am not a doctor, but I will deeply say that I am more than a doctor here because a long adage do say ‘experience is the best teacher’ right from my little age as a boy my mother suffered from ulcer and as the closest person at home I know what she fell, how painful it can be when you disobeyed some of the rule governing it.
I watch mom eat each food the doctor say is best. Some do make here get little better for months while some only works for some days. But for me and some questions I have asked some of the doctors I have met, I figure out that this food actually help a great deal in recovering fast.

Beans: this is the best of the rest and this helps you make your life a comfortable one

Semolina: some little quantity of this can help, but don’t over take it all the time, try and make it at least two to three times in a week.

Plantain:  if you ever want you get back make sure you include this food in your menu, eat four to five times a week, it makes you strong and helps hold firms some of your week vain. Try and always eat unripe plantain and don’t always eat rip plantain, too much of eat might endangers your health. 

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