Tips for ulcer patients to stay healthy


Tips for ulcer patients to stay healthy
Follow all the tips I will show you right away and you will be a better healthier person, you know ulcer is a very dangerous sickness and its one of the thing that makes man lose some tones of Weight in just few week.
So if you ever wanted to get back follow the below tips

Avoid hot meals: this is the number one must dangerous of all, a hot food touches on the wounded surface of ulcer and this cause more harm than good to you. Avoid it.
Avoid eating late at night: eat when you still have time to walk a little before you go to bed, don’t just eat and move straight to bed. Avoid it.

Avoid taken undiluted milks: before you take your milk make sure you dilute with good and clean water. Avoid it.
Always eat the best fruits recommended by doctor, read more about the best fruits you can eat from here.

Eat healthy food and stay away from non necessary ones read the blow post for more insight on the healthy and non healthy foods.
Excises well and steady: waking up very early in the morning to jump for like five to ten minutes will definitely be of great help to you.

Sleep well: don’t sleep as if you are a soldier watching over to protect the government politicians, sleep as the politicians and not the soldier. Good sleep always help out in ulcer.

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