How do you write a resume? How to write a good resume


How do you write a resume? How to write a good resume

I have come to find out that lots of person don’t know the exert thing they should include on their resume and this has been a major contributor to high rate of unemployment in London and other parts of the world. I will give you a detailed list of things you need to put in your resume in other to make it worth looking at by your interviewer.
You will have to include the below information
Your name: first last and middle name
Country and state
Email and phone number
Hight (optional)
Street address with number 

Schools attended:
Primary school attended
Secondary school attended
University attended
Post University attended

Educational qualification:
Your primary scholl certificate
Your secondary school certificate
University certificate
Post graduate certificate

Working experience:
If you are a fresh graduate enter the place you did you industrial training as your first place of work. But if you’ve worked somewhere else before enter them.

Example: Watching Football, reading, bike racing, cooking (this option is for women only and men looking for work in a hotel or any catering related offices)

 Ms World excel, programming, file documentation, group wok.
Note: in other to meet the best standard use your own expertise and hobby while writing.
 Include your references and that will be all

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