How to write a curriculum vitae


How to write a curriculum vitae - cv
 I will be showing you the best and easiest way to write a cv for you new job
Your names: write down your names the exact way it was writing on your passport, if your name if matt Johnson make sure you write it in that same way and not mixing everything up like Johnson matt.
Age: your age should be writing in the best way on your passport
Contact: write down your email and phone number. Write your hose address, if you have two residences write down the place you stay most.

Your country/nationality:  If you are from USA you shouldn't use because you are apply for a united stated of America USA based company to ignore your nationality, secondly  if you haven’t finished your new country citizenship verification, then its better you enter your present country . Always use it well because it’s vital
Schools: Write down the list of schools you attended stating from the first to the very last school.
Qualifications: Write down your qualification starting from primary school qualification to the highest in your file. Do not include certificates you are yet to get.
Your hubby: Make sure you specify things you like doing must and use your brain well here, don just use because you like clubbing and parting and include things like that in a cv you want to submit to a highly reputable organization. Use your brains here okay.
Expertise:  Write down all the things you can do best and don’t use because you can shot guns very well and include it on your list.

References: Write down three person that knows you very well, they may be your family (father, brother, mother and sister) friends (your good friend who can give a detailed explanation of whom you are) school lecturer (this is the number one person your proposed boss might want to see on your reference list)

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