Nigerian police has disqualified some applicants - Read the reason


Nigerian police has disqualified some applicants - Read the reason – the information reaching us now is that the nfp has disqualified some applicants for the reason listed below.

If you fall within the below gap, just relax and keep calm okay.  This 2016 Nigerian police recruitment actually got the attention of young Nigerians. Thousands of Nigerians applied for this vacant position and the hot thing now is that some people are already out of the box.

Nigerian police recruitment form 2016 started on the 1st day of April 2016. That day thousand of Nigerian rushed to the internet and submitted their application online. Within some hours news came that more than the required number of candidates has already filled and submitted the form online.

President Muhammadu Buhari gave an order that the npf should increase the number of applicants to 15,000. Normally the recruitment was supposed to employed 10, 000 Nigerians into Nigeria police force. But due to the statement made by Mr. President, the recruitment body added extra five thousand spaces.

Now the current news around the town is that the Nigerian police have disqualified candidates who did not meet their criteria. Some people just submitted the form online without reading the requirements carefully. Now the whole mistake is now bouncing back on them.

According to news, the Nigerian police said that some applicants filed in more than the required age in some of the advertised positions. Some people’s age is more than what they required.

Mr. President made it clear that he wants to employ young Nigerians into the police force. NPF specified what they wanted but some Nigerian dint care to read the information carefully.

Imaging someone that is 45 years, applying to join the Nigerian force with o’level certificate. They expect all the candidate to meet their age requirement.

Not just that alone, some people actually submitted the Nigerian police recruitment more than once. It is boldly written on the website that no one should submit more than one form. Some people submitted more than three form and they expect Npf to employ them. 

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