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PDP Sacks Ali Modu Sheriff Replaces Him With Ahmed Makarfi

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has fired its national chairman,Modu Sheriff, and has appointed an interim party executive led by a former governor of Kaduna State, Ahmed Makarfi.

Elects Makarfi as new PDPNational Chairman, Force Ali Modu Sheriff Out Angrily: The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Ali Modu Sheriff, angrily stormed out of the venue of the party’s meeting on Saturday after he was dethroned. A former Governor of Kaduna, Sen Ahmed Makarfi was named as the party’s caretaker National Chairman while Senator Ben Obi was named as the National Secretary of the party

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Sheriff said the Convention, which he had earlier announced postponed, stood cancelled
The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, has opposed the National Convention of the party that was held on Saturday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Sheriffsaid the Convention, which he had earlier announced postponed, stood cancelled.
He said what transpired at the Sharks Stadium in Port Harcourt after he pronounced the Convention cancelled was a charade.

He also described it as illegal.
Sheriffhad on Saturday pronounced the Convention postponed, alluding to the court judgements directing that it should not hold.
He said the delegates should return home.
But after the pronouncement, the Deputy National Chairmanof the PDP, Uche Secondus, declared the Congress open.
At the Congress, it was agreed that a former Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, should head an interim committee to lead the party.
Makarfi is to be assisted by six other members.
The team was given 90 days within which to conduct an acceptable National Convention.

It was a game of intrigues in Port Harcourt on Saturday as the acting National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, was edged out in the national convention of the party held in Port Harcourt.

The decision to dissolve the national working committee (NWC) of the party was one of the first decisions of the Port Harcourt convention which took place after Sheriff had said the convention had been put off following a series of court orders that tried to stop the convention.

Sheriff had earlier in the day called off the convention at a press briefing he held at the Le Meridien Hotel, Port Harcourt, citing court orders restraining the party from proceeding with the convention as reason.

He addressed the press after a meeting that lasted several hours at the Government House, Port Harcourt. At the meeting were the 12 PDP governors, members of the national assembly, members of the national working committee and elders of the party.

THISDAY reliably gathered that the stakeholders had asked Sheriff to step down as acting national chairman of the party but he refused, insisting that he had till 2018 to preside over the affairs of the party.

The meeting was therefore deadlocked about 2.30pm, leading to his press briefing.

At the press briefing, Sheriff said, “If we proceed with the convention, we will be charged for contempt of court. As a responsible party, we have to respect the court orders. We will reconvene as soon as we are able to dispense with the court cases.

“We’ve been meeting since morning. We had challenges of series of court cases, we’ve decided to abandon election into Chairman, Secretary and auditor.

“We have suspended the convention; we had three different cases in Abuja and Lagos. INEC also said they will not supervise the election. We will be contravening the court and we will be charged for contempt of court. We went to court, but we were denied permission.”

He said he would reconvene the convention as soon as the court orders were vacated.

“We will do it as soon as we get them (the court orders) vacated. We’ve told all delegates to go home. There is no space for election,” he said.

But while Sheriff left Port Harcourt after his briefing, the 12 PDP governors as well as members of the National Assembly and other stakeholders headed straight to the Sharks Stadium venue of the convention and kicked off the programme, with Rivers State Governor and Chairman of the National Convention Committee, Nyesom Wike, in charge.

Source:  Vivian Gist

Jonathan drags Obasanjo to human rights commission

leader Jonathan Goodluck yesterday submitted himself to the National Human privileges Commission, NHRC, for search over lawless person allegations against him by previous leader Olusegun Obasanjo.Former leader Obasanjo had written an 18-page open letter to Jonathan, accusing him of incompetence, engaging in anti-party undertakings, ethnicism and teaching about 1,000 snipers ahead of the 2015 samples.

Jonathan, who rejected the accusations in his response, is expressly inviting the rights charge to disclose the reality in the allegation that his government had started training over 1,000 snipers to terminate his political adversaries.

In a letter to the charge, leader Jonathan is searching for a thorough investigation of the accusations against him, moving on supposed human privileges abuses.

The note, marked by the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr. Mohammed Adoke, SAN, on the directive of Jonathan, had currently been submitted to NHRC.

The note dated December 23, 2013 was submitted yesterday. Sources close to the Presidency told National Mirror that alike letters had been written to the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other associated infringements Commission, ICPC, and the Economic and Financial misdeeds charge, EFCC.

The two anti-graft bureaus are to probe allegations of financial misdeeds and authorized corruption against the Jonathan’s management as contained in Obasanjo’s note.

Although, nationwide Mirror could not get exact replicates of the notes, a exact replicate of Jonathan’s letter to NHRC verified yesterday that both the ICPC and the EFCC had furthermore been administered to handle allegations moving on economic misdeeds.

In the memo marked by Adoke (SAN) and addressed to the Executive Secretary of the NHRC, Prof. Bem Angwe, the AGF demanded the commission to investigate the accusations on the human privileges violations comprised on sheets 9-10 of the letter antiquated December 2 written by previous President Obasanjo to leader Jonathan.

The memo with number HAGF/NHRC2013/Vol2/5 reads in part: “Re: Before it is too late: “May I draw your vigilance to the overhead and the adhered State House memorandum antiquated December 23, 2013 in esteem of the above subject matter.

“I am to demand you to enquire the allegations bothering on the human privileges violations comprised on sheets 9-10 of the last mentioned antiquated 2nd December 2013, written by former leader Olusegun Obasanjo, to leader Goodluck Jonathan, attached to the memorandum under quotation.

“In alignment to properly delineate the issues within your sphere of competence especially as other issues increased in the letter are being enquired by befitting agencies of government, I have determined to duplicate the applicable paragraphs underneath.

According to Adoke the paragraphs to be enquired by the charge are: “Allegations of keeping over 1,000 people on political watch list rather than lawless person or security watch register and teaching snippets and other armed staff furtively and clandestinely acquiring tools for fighting to agree for purposes like Abacha and teaching them where Abacha taught his own murderers, if it is factual, it cannot augur well for the initiator, the government and people of Nigeria. “Here again, there is message of his to learn from any person who cares to learn from annals.

Mr. President would habitually recall that he was voted into office to maintain security for all Nigerians for individual or political ambition or interest of any person.

“The Yoruba rush adage says ‘the man with whose head coconut is broken may not reside to savour the taste of the succulent fruit’. Those who suggest you to go hard on those who oppose you are your poorest foes.

“Democratic politics admits and is permissible of supporters and adversaries. When the penalties arrive, those who have incorrectly suggested you will not be there to help carry the can. Egypt must educate some lessons. “Presidential aid for a murderer to evade fairness and presidential delegation to welcome him home can only be in awful taste usually but particularly to the family of the casualty.

“Assisting lawless persons to avoid fairness will not be part of the job of the presidency. Or, as it is viewed in some quarters, is he being employed to do for you what he had finished for Abacha in the past? Hopefully, he should have discovered his lesson.

Let us continue to watch,” the memo supplemented. The Presidency had adhered two exhibits to the note including the initial note in writing by Obasanjo and the answer by President Jonathan.

Both notes were replete with accusations and counter- accusations, some of which were criminal. nationwide Mirror accumulated yesterday that the NHRC would invite the two dramatis personae in the urgent situation: previous leader Olusegun Obasanjo and leader Jonathan to expatiate on the accusations contained in the two notes.

A source at the charge, who did not desire his title cited, also said that those attached in the accusations would be invited to assist the privileges commission by supplying particulars to the accusations. The particulars, National Mirror discovered, would guide the charge to reach at a just conclusion on the sensitive issue. whereas the charge had acknowledged the note, no formal step has so far been taken on it.

Akpabio’s senatorial ambition causes stir

The design by Akwa Ibom State administrator Godswill Akpabio to comprise the Ikot Ekpene District in the council in 2015 is developing ripples in the Abak Federal Constituency as many persons accept as true that the governor’s aspiration could falsify the zoning arrangement, composes KAZEEM IBRAHYM

The accumulating was meant to commemorate one of their own. But, it turned out into a political gathering. The persons, mostly youths and women from Abak Federal Constituency, came on distinct emblems of motorcycle to apprehend a glimpse of the yearly happening.

Abak Federal Constituency is made up of three localized government localizedities- Abak, Etim Ekpo and Ika. The happening, tagged ‘a get-together party for Ekerete Inyang,’ the organising Director of Ekinyang Petroleum, was full of joy and excitements.

The persons were unanimous in pleading with Governor Godswill Akpabio to jettison his senatorial aspiration and permit a credible aspirant from Abak government Constituency to represent the persons at the nationwide Assembly as the member of the senate comprising Ikot Ekpene Senatorial locality.

This, they contended, was the only way the zoning formula currently in location in the district would not be garbled. Dr. Alloysius Etok, who hails from Ikono government Constituency, is the present member of the senate comprising Ikot Ekpene Senatorial locality.

It is presently public knowledge that Akpabio, commonly mentioned to as “uncommon transformer” intends to move from the Government dwelling in Uyo to the upper sleeping room of the nationwide Assembly when he completes his tenure on May 29, 2015.

As the argument storms, public discussions on government in the state has middled on how the governor, who has earned himself some credits with his “uncommon transformation” events, would handle the assault for his successor and how to scale some of the obstacles on his way to the Senate.

The governor had notified The territory when asked what he would be doing after the expiration of his tenure in 2015 that he would desire to be a member of the senate. This, incidentally, is an agenda the governor has been chasing vigorously, telling his persons that his senatorial aspiration in 2015 was a done deal.

Here him: “Beyond 2015, I always envisage that with democracy prospering in Nigeria. I will see myself as a senator in 2015. I have really been approached by my persons and I have acknowledged their request that I should not just leave immediately. I had wanted to leave but they asserted that I should not leave. So I will be contesting for the Senate of the government Republic of Nigeria and God willing, God’s will will be done.”

But will the forces from Abak government Constituency allow the governor accomplish his aim? Only time will tell.

talking on the rationale behind the yearly get-together happening, Inyang observed that the annual get-together party for this year had suddenly turned into a political rally, where the persons of Abak Federal Constituency announced their demand for Ikot Ekpene senatorial seat. He noted that Abak Federal Constituency was the only constituency that had not made a member of the senate in the annals of the state.

According to him, Ikot Ekpene government Constituency, where administrator Akpabio hails from, had made three senators in the individuals of the late Chief Raymond Umoh between 1963 and 1967; the late Chief Nsima Akpabio between 1983 and 1984 and Chief Emmanuel Ibokessien between 1999 and 2003.

Inyang explained that the unfolding political scenario had made it imperative for the people to use the forum to create perception among the grassroots people and to declare their demand for Ikot Ekpene senatorial seat in 2015, supplementing that the demand was not negotiable.

admiring the people of Abak government Constituency for being united for the task ahead, he advised themto shun money government and be prepared to mobilise support for an skilled man from the locality, who has contributed his quota meaningfully to its development.

Corroborating Inyang’s stance, the organising Director of Bleadway Petroleum, Prince Benjamin Mboho, argued that Abak Federal Constituency had been marginalised, especially in the areas of infrastructural development and representation in the council.

Mboho urged the persons to stand up against marginalization, adding that they should be pledged to the task ahead. He said it was the right of Abak government Constituency to produce a member of the senate in 2015 since other government constituencies in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial locality had currently had their turns.

His words: “We know that from the annals of the state, we have been betrayed in periods of representation at the Senate. So, we are warming up to take our turn in 2015. We will extend to use every opening granted to us to notify our persons that it is the turn of Abak government Constituency to make a senator. Our people

President sells national conference

Today is Christmas. It is an event to celebrate Christ’s birth and a time for introspection – on the state of the territory.

Leaders are preaching calm in their notes.

President Goodluck Jonathan commenced a sales propel for the national seminar — its contentious tablet for Nigeria’s many ailment.

council leader David Mark and dwelling of Representatives Speaker Aminu Tambuwal urged Nigerians to embrace calm, tolerance, love and harmony.

assess furthermore called for responsible leadership.

The leader thanked God for the grace that assisted Nigeria to overcome its trials since the last Christmas.

He said: “Let us all, therefore, resolve this Christmas to make the ideals of calm, harmony, tolerance, love and generosity to all even more manifest in our interactions with others.”

Jonathan promised that his administration would do its all to encourage delegates to the nationwide seminar next year to protected the required consensus for nationwide calm and harmony.

He said: “My administration will do all inside its powers and adeptness to double-check that when representatives of our persons assemble for the forthcoming national conference next year, they will have every opportunity and encouragement to make very important contributions towards forging the needed consensus for maintained nationwide calm, unity and progress.”

The President anticipates the nationwide conference to contribute mostly in the direction of the urgent tenacity of contentious issues which hinder Nigeria’s progress.

“With God Almighty as our direct, power and Enabler, My Administration will continue to implement its Agenda for nationwide Transformation in furtherance of its avowed firm pledge to advancing the dwelling situation of all Nigerians.”

“We will continue to enumerate on the prayers, support and collaboration of all patriotic Nigerians in the approaching year as we consolidate and construct on our achievements in several parts, including national security, power provide, communications, transport, wellbeing and education.

“As we commemorate the birth of the Prince of calm, let us all strive to honour Him more by dwelling our inhabits as He taught; by making individual forfeitures for the good of other ones, by displaying greater love for other ones, by being fairer and more dependable in our dealings with other ones, by being ever-willing to forgive those who outrage us and by always expanding generosity towards other ones.

“On behalf of myself, my family and the government Government, I desire you all very joyful Christmas commemorations, and a tranquil and prosperous 2014.”

Mark, in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary Paul Mumeh in Abuja, urged Nigerians to sink their dissimilarities, irrespective of ethnic, religious or political leanings and put the peace and harmony of the territory overhead other considerations.

The leader of the Senate recalled the ethno-religious confrontations that have claimed tallies of lives and house. He pleaded with Nigerians to rethink.

assess called on the political class to lead the route of calm, regulation and order, cautioning that nationwide interest and cohesion should not be sacrificed on the altar of one-by-one or assembly aspirations.

He noted that government should usually be a game and not a assault area and recalled those fanning the embers of war or disunity not to set the dwelling ablaze before they even get there.

assess said: “We have come a long way as a persons. We should glimpse us as one persons, one territory with a common destiny.

“We will not be moving in the turn around alignment when other countries are going to the moon.

“We have habitually accepted that the trials are tremendous but we must appreciate that nobody is coming from the space to explain our troubles for us. We should thus be adept to find home grown answers to our trials in a manner that would comfort and really persuade all sections.”

To the present crop of leaders, assess told them that it is incumbent on “all of us to proceed and behave in a to blame kind that would give believe and self-assurance to the people”.

He demanded the devout to passionately pray for the nation and its leaders, supplementing that the time calls for shrewd counsel and divine intervention.

The nationwide Assembly, assess guaranteed, would habitually stand by the persons, repeating that the welfare and security of the citizens remains the cornerstone of all legislation.

Tambuwal enjoined Nigerians to continue to contemplate on the affirmative tenets that unite the nation, reinforce the polity and enhance its stability and prosperity as they commemorate Christmas.

In a generosity message to Christians by his exceptional consultant on Media and Public activities, Mallam Imam Imam, the Speaker furthermore called for sustained prayers for calm, unity and steadiness in the country.

He admonished individuals of all faith to be their brother’s keepers and shun all vices and contradictory acts that can jeopardise the efforts of government in providing democracy dividends to the citizens.

“This time span calls for sober reflection and continued prayers for our costly territory. We must replicate on the teachings and lessons of Christmas and continue to exhibit good feature as well as continue hands of fellowship and construct blocks of harmony and comprehending to all irrespective of our seen differences.

“On our part we are committed to supplying legislative assesses and interventions that will support government’s effort at guaranteeing calm, welfare and security of Nigerians and the larger development of our costly homeland in line with our legislative agenda.

“On behalf of the dwelling of Representatives, I desire all Nigerians a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Wike only after Amaechi’s job –Okocha

Tony Okocha is that the Chief of workers to Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, a footing last occupied by Nyesom Wike, management Minister of Education. each Okocha and Wike hail from Obio/Akpor regime space that has been a serious battle ground within the in progress political crisis rocking the state.
Either by human style or providence, Okocha has continually transmitted political positions left by Wike. Indeed, Okocha was Wike’s government Assistant once the minister was Chairman of Obio/Akpor and went ahead to succeed Wike because the council boss. In 2011 once Wike had to vacate the workplace of Chief of workers and have become the Minister of State for Education, once more it had been Okocha UN agency succeeded him at the govt. House.
Over time, the cordial relationship between Okocha and his erstwhile boss became frosty and was any gathered by the prevailing political logjam within the state. currently they might best be said as political foes.
In this interview with CHRIS AGUNWEZE, Okocha descended therefore onerous on Wike and also the Grassroot Democratic Initiative (GDI) that is latter’s written document within the state. He dismissed the group as a gathering of “ragamuffins’’, stressing that the minister is barely victimization to organize for his office ambition, concealment underneath the ploy of effort for President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election in 2015. consistent with him, the sole issue Wike is victimization to sustain his position as minister was fighting against Gov. Amaechi. He spoke additional on this, the state government’s drawback with the commissioner in Rivers and plenty of additional. Excerpts…

How tedious is your work as the chief of workers in a government house?
A lot of individuals have really given themselves functions and responsibilities sitting here as chief of workers. however my very own plan of Chief of workers is that you simply square measure AN aide to the governor UN agency is directly in-charge of the every day running of the affairs of the govt. house. you'll additionally perform sundry functions as directed by the governor UN agency appointed you.

What are the challenges?
It’s been so a bountied expertise, it’s difficult extremely. we have a tendency to square measure talking against the scenery of what everyone in African country is aware of is occurring in Rivers State. many indigenes of the state, UN agency for the most part square measure resident in Nigerian capital, have legitimate themselves to feast on the economy of the state and you have got a young man UN agency is governor of the state. UN agency aforementioned no, my being here isn't to share cash. i need to try to to comes, I created the guarantees after I was effort to be governor, I had in mind to serve my individuals let’s use the money that accrues to the state to serve the individuals. That invitations the difficulty as a result of sure persons suppose these monies square measure purported to be shared among U.S., we have a tendency to square measure the large boys, and to place that across, they came up with all kinds of bother, all types of allegations, on a daily basis and no day passes while not Amaechi did this, Amaechi did that. So, it’s been quite difficult.

Goodluck meets Service Chiefs over Boko Haram attacks

President Goodluck eating apple Friday control associate degree emergency meeting with Service Chiefs over the latest Boko Haram’s attacks in Bama, Borno State and alternative security problems within the country.

Before decorating the forty eight new promoted Major Generals within the Army, Navy and Air Force yesterday, he attended the meeting with the Service Chiefs and therefore the military officer of Police, Muhammed Abubakar at the Command Officers’ Mess, Asokoro Abuja.

He noted that the state was browsing making an attempt times and demanded all hands to air deck so as to make sure the protection of lives and property within the country.

The President charged the new promoted officers to travel the additional mile to justify their new positions.

He said: “It could be a terribly difficult moment. I keep in mind once I came in, I had a gathering with the Service Chiefs and military officer of Police as a result of what happened in Bama . it's a really difficult amount during this country and that we expected, as we are saying that people who a lot of is given, a lot of is predicted.”

“For those of you United Nations agency are thus adorned as full two-star Generals, we have a tendency to expect that you just can bring your expertise connected. we have a tendency to should work along as a team to form certain that the defense force square measure ready to shield lives and property of Nigerians. If we have a tendency to cannot try this, the name of the country can still go down.

“A range of problems square measure being raised within the media, there's such a lot of challenge within the Armed a Forces and alternative security agencies within the country. All people jointly should get on my feet for our own responsibilities and go the additional mile to ascertain that as a nation, we have a tendency to overcome these challenges,” he noted

“It isn't simple to wear 2 stars. it's nearly the terminal position within the defense force. the other one is by the grace of God. To be thus adorned as a two-star General, you need to have more responsible storms, endured many winters. Your spouse should have conjointly been well baked to survive this era.” He said

President Goodluck EbereJonathan undergoes medical check up in London

 Reuben Abati Presidential spokesperson has announced that the president is currently undergoing medical check up in the UK but says it's nothing serious. See the State House press release below...
In the course of his on-going visit to London for a meeting of Nigeria’s Honorary International Investors’ Council, President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan became indisposed and could not be present at the opening of the meeting today. President Jonathan has since been examined by competent medical practitioners. He has been advised to rest for a few days.

The Presidency wishes to assure all Nigerians that President Jonathan’s condition is nothing serious and that the medical attention he has sought is only precautionary.
Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to the President (Media & Publicity)